Since 1939, Breil has represented the unique style of steel watches and jewellery, thanks to its original design and a recognizable Italian character. Breil is a cutting-edge brand, able to anticipate trends and set new style rules with original and surprising products.

At the turn of the 70s and 80s, BREIL made its mark on the market thanks to its Manta collection: innovative, future-oriented with a dual soul: technical and aesthetic, performance-based and elegant.

The first example of a unisex design collection that won over men as much as women. It is with Manta that BREIL began its special story of advertising communication, introducing, for the first time among the commercial brands on the market, men models worn by women.

This was done by involving Crepax and his heroine Valentina, the first of many female icons for BREIL.

The trend of using beautiful women continued in the 1990s . They embodied the values and personality of the brand: strength, sensuality, audacity and basic instincts. Monica Bellucci, Shana, Carré Otis… they wear watches that are generous in size, sporty, and unconventional with which they establish an unbreakable bond, highlighted by the claim “Take everything, but not my Breil”, which, spread quickly and widely, filling people’s imagination and becoming a common way of saying in Italy still used nowadays.

There is no more distance between the product and its owner, they are bond to the point that the product comes to life thanks to a mysterious alchemy between the cold of the metal and the warmth of the skin. Conversely, those who choose a BREIL product identify deeply with the product which becomes, in this way, an expression of his or her personality and nature.

In 2001 BREIL introduces the first extension of the brand, the Breil jewels, starting a new era of lifestyle.
To follow the brand innovative soul as well as its strength and audacious values, choosing again stainless steel, Breil is a pioneer that has paved the way to the use of stainless steel as a noble material, giving birth to a new product category, the contemporary jewel.

An essential and highly symbolic design, combined with a witty combination of polished and satin finishing, finally provide the market with a new modern jewel.

BREIL's results are no coincidence. Every new product is the result of a perfect mix of Italian design, technical excellence and aesthetic sensitivity, giving life to seductive collections that enhance the essence of the material through original and unmistakable lines, in a continuous research of new shapes, materials and colours.

BREIL believes that both these values and its unmistakably Italian style are a fundamental part of its DNA.