An explosion of shapes and colors, just like a kaleidoscope

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The Kaleido collection is metaphorically born from the observation of life and everyday life through a kaleidoscope. Simple yet fascinating object, it has ancient origins: it is formed by a tube inside which are placed longitudinally mirrors that reflect small fragments of colored glass. By rotating it, it generates geometric images that are always different, colorful and with incredible perfection.
You could stay hours watching, enchanted, the incredible succession of colors, to perceive the thousand shades that alternate and to follow the continuous change of shapes.

caleidoscopio - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

ETYMOLOGY from English Kaleidoscope, name coined by its inventor, Sir David Brewster, in 1817. It is composed of the Greek kalós beautiful, eidos image and -scope element indicating appliances suitable for the observation of something – from the Greek skopéo observe


This is where the designers’ reasoning begins, with the aim of creating an unusual Breil jewelry collection, in which steel is always present as an identifying element of the brand, but that in this case is combined with something new like natural stones, real protagonists of Kaleido jewelry.

Perfectly aligned with the trends of the PE2021 season, which require lightness, color, versatility, explosive combinations, but also more delicate… The collection consists of transformable and surprising necklaces and bracelets.

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mood 02 - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

The moodboards that accompanied the genesis of the Kaleido collection are the most colorful and imaginative you can imagine; the designer’s office has been filled with boards that inspired the different combinations of shades and styles.

The concept behind Kaleido is precisely the creation of jewelry that can be worn individually, but that are exalted to the maximum if combined with each other, going to create real games of color.

Purple amethyst, green aventurine quartz, red agate, red garnets and blue jade: small stones that chase each other and meet with the gold-plated steel.

Real colored threads that can be worn together on the wrist, as the trend of the moment wants.

The more they wear, the more the WOW effect is assured.

The same goes for necklaces, which illuminate and colour the décolleté with overlapping games and equally pleasant combinations.

bracciali - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

The design of Kaleido jewelry seems simple, but hides a thorough study and a careful design: starting from the finishes and styles of the micro steel chains, up to the closing chains, nothing is left to chance. The steel is proposed in the gold color: the effect is obtained through the process of IP, namely “ion plating”, which completely changes the classic silver color associated with steel, permanently and durable.

The choice of golden finish allows you to enhance the color of natural stones to the maximum, creating a warm and attractive contrast.

The micro steel chains that characterize the Kaleido collection are of three different types, designed in order to create an effect of reflected light and facets that enliven the jewel.

  • Floppy disk chain consisting of micro disks intersecting each other
  • Square chain consisting of small rectangular links
  • Daisy chain, consisting of long and thin twisted spiral links which create a torch effect
COLLANA - Breil Orologi e Gioielli
dettagli kaleido - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Another strongly distinctive design element is a small hexagonal shape decoration that is also functional because in some cases it hides the carabiner closure, as well as representing the pin around which the chains move, positioned differently, give life to the different wears.

The hexagon is a perfect shape, symbolically representing “the whole” through its identical sides and angles. In the Breil jewellery and watch collections, it often appears as a hallmark, almost a trademark.

Also in the Kaleido collection is therefore present and is definitely noticed, becoming a real decorative element.

02a - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Like many Breil jewels, even the Kaleido necklaces and bracelets hide a surprising secret: the possibility of transforming and being worn in a different way thanks to a small and simple gesture that changes them.

Here then is that the necklace multifilament choker becomes in an instant a long necklace, while the bracelet now wraps around the ankle, decorating it carelessly.

Or, again, the necklace/ accessory can, if necessary, turn out to be a very useful eyeglass or cup holder.
Curious object, the latter; but since, because of the pandemic, face masks have become part of our daily lives, many fashion brands have started to create their own models. From a cold protective tool, today the mask has become a possible detail that characterizes your look, a trendy accessory, complete with coordinated accessories, such as the case and, last in order of time, the very useful chain to keep it tied to the neck.

Trendy and very useful, because placing the mask on the table, storing it in your pocket or tying it to the arm is not always the best choice in terms of hygiene.