Magnetica System

Magnetica System - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Changing is natural

We change all the time, often without realizing it. We change mood, idea, perception; we change in love and friendships; we change style, because this reflects us in our constant change.
This is the concept behind Magnetica System, the collection with which Breil tells a new way of conceiving women’s jewelry, confirming the creative flair and experimentation that has always distinguished her creations.

Thanks to its modular modules – always proposed in a different way in terms of style, length, color, materials and finishes – Magnetic System has in fact the ability to evolve and transform together with the woman who wears it; to support the change, to allow her to be free to express herself and ultimately to be herself at any time.

Untouchable Spirit

Breil’s “Untouchable Spirit” finds in this collection the most valuable of allies, offering a mode of expression without limits. Every woman can tell herself in a unique and original way, giving shape to her own rules of style through jewels that change together with her.

Starting from a “necklace element” or a “bracelet element”, with Magnetic System you can play with styles and compose, for example, choker necklaces, long necklaces type sautoir… until you come up with a glamorous belt definitely original. And why not, give life to bracelets to wrap with more turns on the wrist.

So how to express your inspiration to the maximum? Wearing the elements individually or combining and mixing them with each other through ingenious magnetic closures to obtain jewels always different and, above all, always modifiable.

Magnetica System perle - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Magnetic System Styles – Express yourself without limits

Many and different among them are the proposals of the styles of Magnetic System, all combinable and perfect to adapt to the different looks that a woman can show off during the day, from morning breakfast to bar, to the evening cocktail, passing by the office and a date with friends.

Soft, for example, is characterized by an incredibly light and sinuous jewel knit, proposed in three colors, silver, black and roses.

Stardust, with its double chain in polished black steel and natural hematite, is ideal for women with a rock soul.

Eclipse and Ray of Light have a light and refined allure, given by the micro steel chains that gently tickle the skin.

Light and Shadow offers the opportunity to wear a refined and elegant jewel, made unique by the alternation of small elements in rose steel and faceted black onyx.

The freshwater pearls, elements of poetic candor, have always been protagonists of classic jewelry, in the case of Full Moon, Galaxy or Planet become extremely current combining with steel and transforming necklaces and bracelets in modern accessories, sinuous and asymmetric.

01 13500 1 - Breil Orologi e Gioielli
01 11299B - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Finally, Twist offers elegant necklaces and bracelets made with multi-strand micro-chains in intertwined steel to evoke refined craftsmanship techniques, proposed in silver and in warm IP gold.

The Twist creations take inspiration from the strong maxi-minimalist trend and manage to blend different elements into a harmonious whole. The design is only apparently essential and vaguely vintage; the oversize braid made with multi-wire chains evokes refined decorations and goes perfectly with the magnetic closure.

Discovering and mixing all the styles of Breil Magnetica System will prove to be an unexpected adventure and an exciting game, which will be difficult to resist!