Thank you for choosing Breil SBT.
SBT is a smart sport watch.
It can help you to achieve your sport goals.


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  • 1 SBT smartwatch
  • 1Additional watchband
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 Charging dock


Setting Up Your SBT

Download and install the APP BREIL TRIBE SBT.
Scan the QR code indicated here below.
Enter the APP and create an account to synchronize data
The app allows you to check data analysis every day and to personalize some functionalities.

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Connect SBT to your smartphone

BREIL BC APP supports the operating system of IOS 11.0 and Android 5.0 or above, and BT 5.3 + 3.0.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile
  2. Download APP: BREIL BC
  3. Install the APP, register and log in to enter the homepage
  4. When pairing the watch with the APP, make sure that the watch and APP can communicate with each other (synchronize data)
  5. In the APP, click “Device” > “Bind Device”, in the searched binding list, select the “SBT” with the strongest signal, and press the phone prompt to click the pairing button that appears on the watch screen to confirm pairing.
    The Bluetooth icon in the drop-down bar will be blue and it indicates that you are connected to Bluetooth. (The watch can only be paired with one mobile phone. To pair other mobile phones, please unbind the current one before pairing).

Quick Fit Strap

SBT smartwatch is provided with two watchbands. You can easily switch them as your preference.

Charging Instructions

Turn the watch over, align and attach the charging pins to the magnets gold prongs. You will see the charging icon on the watch screen after 5s.
Charging fully may take 3 hours.
You will see the battery icon is full if the watch have been fully charged.
Do not expose the device to liquids, humidity or rain while charging; do not charge the device when it is wet, as this may cause electric shock and injury.
Please clean the charge interface before charging for fear that the remaining sweat erode gold metal contact or other risks.

Battery warning

A lithium battery is used in this device. We recommend that you follow the guidelines below otherwise battery may experience a shortened life span or may present a risk of damage to the device, fire chemical burn, electrolyte leak, and/or injury.

  • Do not disassemble, modify, remanufacture, puncture or damage the device or battery
  • Do not remove or attempt to remove the battery
  • Do not expose the device or battery to heat sources as fire, explosion, or other hazard


Change watch face

Long press the screen or power button, swipe to choose, click to confirm. In the APP, click “Dial” to add and personalize other available dials.


The SBT watch supports up to 100 sports modes including: Running, Walking, Treadmills, Climbing, Cycling, Spinning, Yoga, Basketball, Football, Tennis…Sports customization: APP “sports”- “add” to jumpo to sports category page, click the sport name to add.


After wearing the watch correctly, open the “Activity” application in the watch, display the number of steps, calories, distance and other parameters of the day’s exercise.

Heart rate

Wearing SBT correctly, not too tight or loose, make sure no green light leak.


Your SBT notifies you when it’s time to drinl,move and wash your hands. *This function is only available for the SBT-X model.

Blood oxygen – SpO2

After wearing the watch correctly, open the “Blood Oxygen” application in the watch application and wait for the measurement.

Blood pressure

Wear the watch in a right way, and open the application “Blood pressure”, measure it manual. *This function is only available for the SBT-2 model.


After wearing the watch correctly, open the “Stress” application in the watch; check how much psychological pressure you are feeling. *This function is only available for the SBT-2 model.

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This feature help you track the quality and quantity of your sleep. Open the “Sleep” application in the watch to see how much you’ve slept in the last 24 hours relative to your sleep goal.


You can view the text messages in the mobile phone and the real-time information pushed to the watch.

When the watch is disconnected from the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, the watch will make a sound and vibrate to prevent lost.

Music control

Control the music player of mobile phone to play the music, as well as song switching and volume adjustment.


Control the camera on the mobile phone to take pictures remotely. When using it, please click “Remote Camera” on the APP to turn on the Camera.

Bluetooth calling

The watch supports calling service (3.0). When calling service is been associated to the phone, it’s possibile to make and receive calls through the watch.Through the contact function in the phone app, 20 contacts can be saved. By opening the “Dial” function it is possibile to dial the telephone number to call. *This function is only available for the SBT-2 model.

Voice assistant

Open the ” AI Voice” in the watch to turn on Voice Assistant in the phone.

Find phone

When the watch is connected to the APP, the phone will make a sound after tapping it.

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Weather forecast.

Alarm clock

Set the alarms in APP and sync to watch, maximum 5 alarms


Language switching, Adjust brightness, Do not disturb settings, Standby dial, System menu, About the watch.

Shortcut menù

  1. Brightness
  2. Find phone
  3. “Do not disturb” mode
  4. Screen settings On /Off
  5. Settings


Exemption Clause

  1. The Hear Rate, Body Temperature measure, Blood Oxygen and Blood Pressure data output by SBT are not intended to be a medical or diagnostic basis.
  2. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment are dangerous. Only qualified physicians are allowed to diagnose and treat high blood pressure or any other heart diseases. Please contact your physician for more professional diagnostic opinions.
  3. SBT smartwatch data such as heart rate, blood pressure,etc. may not be completely accurate due to factors such as
    interference with environmental signals, wearing posture, changes in the climate environment, and physical condition.
  4. Do not carry out drugs and treatment on the basis of the monitoring data provided by SBT , and should follow medical
    advice when medication and treatment are required. We disclaim all responsibility for the inaccuracy of the monitoring data and the consequences misuse of data and information.
  5. Consult your physician before use the device if you have any pre-existing conditions that could be affected by using this device.


Health warning

  • If you have a pacemaker or other internal electronic device, consult your physician before using the device
  • The optical heart rate monitor emits green light and flashes occasionally. Consult your physician if you have epilepsy or are sensitive to flashing lights.
  • Some users may experience skin irritation after prolonged use of the device, especially if the user has sensitive skin or allergies. If you notice any skin irritation, remote the device and give your skin time to heal.

To help prevent skin irritation, ensure the device is clean and dry, and do not overtighten the device on you wrist.
If you sweat for more than two hours while wearing your watch, be sure to clean and dry the strap and wrist to avoid skin irritation.

Important Safety information

  • Keep your device dry and clean
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean the device
  • Do not leave the device exposed to heat source or in a high-temperature location, such as in the sun in an unattended vehicle, near stoves, candles or fireplaces
  • Do not use the device in a sauna or Turkish bath
  • This product is not a toy. Always keep the product out of the reach of children. The multiple small components in the device can cause choking if swallowed
  • Contact your local waste disposal department to dispose of the device/battery in accordance with applicable local laws and regulations
  • Do not check the information that appears on the device display while driving or in other situations where distractions could cause injury or risk
  • Always be mindful of the effects of the environment and inherent risks of the activity
  • Do not use a power cable, data cable and/or power adapter that is not supplied by Breil

The product may not cause harmful interference but may receive interference that may affect required operations.



Clean your wrist and watch regularly, especially after sweating during exercise or after being exposed to substances such as soap or detergents that may adhere to the inside of the watch.
Do not wash the watch with abrasive cleaners. Please use mild soap, rinse thoroughly and clean with a soft towel.
Although the watch is water resistant (IP67), wearing a wet band is not good for the skin.
Make sure your skin is dry before putting on the smartwatch. Do not bring the device into contact with sharp objects, as this may cause scratches and other damage.
For light colored wristbands, minimize direct contact with dark colored clothing as color transfer can happen.


Two year international guarantee

The manufacturers guarantee BREIL smarth watch SBT for their original purchaser for a period of two (2) years starting from the purchase date and guarantees the watch against all material and manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not affect the purchaser’s rights in terms of legal guarantees ensured by the legislation in force in the country of purchase. This guarantee does not cover wear and tear or damage to the casing, strap or glass. This guarantee is not valid if the watch is damaged due to accidents, negligence, improper use caused by other factors not attributable to material or manufacturing defects. The dealer assumes all responsibilities for any form of guarantee he may offer the consumer. For the entire period of validity, the guarantee only covers softwear of smartwatch. These will be repaired free of charge or the watch will be replaced at the exclusive discretion of the BREIL. Providing that it has not been used improperly and a material or manufacturing defect has been found. In case of replacement, BINDA ITALIA srl does not guarantee that a watch of the same model will be provided. If this model is not available, a similar model of an equivalent value will be provided. The guarantee of the watch lasts for two years, starting from the date of delivery. Shipment expenses for overseas deliveries will be calculated separately.


Heart-rate signal missing

The SBT smart watch tracks your heart rate data during your exercise and your daily life. Sometime the watch may not get a suitable heart rate signal. At this time, the missing heart rate data will appear at the dotted line. If you can’t get the heart rate signal, first you should confirm that you wear the watch correctly, adjust it to avoid being too high or too low, neither too tight or too loose on your wrist.
After adjustment, turn on real-time heart rate monitoring to get the data. If there is still no heart rate data, check if the heart rate monitoring function is turned on at BREIL BC APP.

Missing connection

If your mobile cannot pair the watch, click “Settings Bluetooth” in your mobile and check if there is signal ofSBT. If yes, it means there is no problem with the Bluetooth signal.
Please check if the watch is paired with other phones, please unbind it. IOS device users should click Setting > Bluetooth > Ignore
this device
and then pair it.
Never try to open, repair or disassemble this device. This invalidate the warranty and could pose a security risk.
If any part of the product requires replacement for any reason, including normal wear or treat, please contact us.

More questions

Do you have further questions? Check out the FAQs page.


If a fault occurs, the purchaser must write an email to our CUSTOMER SERVICE:

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In compliance with D.Lgs. 206 – 6/9/2005, Breil Tribe SBT comply with the European Reach 1907/2006, European reach Rohs EEC 2011/65/UE, EEC 2015/863/UE and with reach CE STANDARD. Lithyum battery is stored in compliance with reach UN3481 and compliant with WEE directives on recycling.