CHRONO 48″12

A record time. The new watch designed by Filippo Magnini x Breil celebrates the sensational time with which the athlete won gold at the 100 freestyle world championships with a performance that has become a swimming legend.

CHRONO 48″12

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Inspired by the nautical world, B Rise is the Breil chronograph that combines performance and urban style

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Breil watches and jewels have always been characterized by a modern and recognizable design, further enhanced by the steel, with which all products are made. Chronographs and Just Time are perfect on the wrist of those who ask for a modern timepiece, well designed and quality. Breil men’s models perfectly combine comfort and elegance, but also sportiness and contemporaneity. Breil women’s watches are a concentrate of style and practicality, with hints of preciousness given by the finishes and details. Even Breil jewelry does not go unnoticed. Women’s necklaces that dress the décolleté, earrings that illuminate the face, bracelets that match the watches for a complete look, rings that make every gesture a magic. In many cases, steel is combined with colored natural stones, for a fresh and modern proposal. Also declined in men’s, Breil jewelry for men make sophisticated even the most casual look. Bracelets to be worn on top of each other, some characterized by small precious details such as diamonds or natural stones; necklaces that come out of the shirt and give that “savage” touch that the trendiest men like so much. Perfect to be purchased for yourself, Breil jewelry and watches are the perfect choice for any gift occasion. Be inspired by Breil whenever you are looking for something special!