Manta: the story of an iconic collection

Manta crono - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

The history of Manta, Breil’s iconic collection, is strongly intertwined with that of the brand.
Since it first appeared on the market in 1970, Manta has perfectly embodied Breil’s values while proving to be the perfect territory for experimentation and development. Over the years, the Manta concept has guided and stimulated the birth of different models, often with very different characteristics, yet united by a sporty allure, a determined character, excellent workmanship and a strong charge of values, so much so that it has become a peculiar facet of Breil watch production.

Manta watches-proposed in the early days as ideal companions for diving and enhanced by patents and certificates of endurance and functionality-have subsequently-and with increasing emphasis-emphasized design aspects and symbolic charge. A typically masculine proposition with a sporty soul and great personality, Manta watches became an expression of nonconformity in the late 1990s, when they were chosen and worn by the women protagonists of the brand’s communication to the cry of Toglietemi tutto ma non il mio Breil, which later became Don’t Touch my Breil.

The name MANTA

The marketing director of Binda Italia in the early 1970s was a great diving enthusiast. Whenever he dived into the abysses, he carried with him a powerful camera equipment that allowed him to capture the wonders he came in contact with in that suspended world. The vegetation and, above all, the fauna he encountered never tired of surprising him. And of all the animal species he encountered during his dives, the manta ray was always the most fascinating and mysterious to him.

An encounter with a manta ray is one of the most exciting moments for divers, perhaps because of its strange shape that has little to do with the classic fish but leads it to look more like a huge bat. From a photographic point of view, its unusual shape is particularly inspiring for making out-of-the-ordinary images. The manta ray is elegant, mysterious and manages to move in any marine environment, adapting perfectly to the depths as well as to shallower waters. And indeed, it was the manta ray that was one of the favorite subjects of Breil’s marketing director, who was about to launch what would become an iconic collection of the brand, taken up and never abandoned in the following decades.

Manta flyer storico - Breil Orologi e Gioielli


Manta is introduced in its original professional diver version in 1970. Several models were offered, all made with the needs of professional divers in mind and, therefore, highly performing. The test bulletin issued by the CTM (controle technique des montres) accompanied the watches, guaranteeing their resistance to the high depths claimed.

Manta is presented in its original professional diver version in 1970. Several models were offered, all made with the needs of professional divers in mind and, therefore, highly performing. The test bulletin issued by the CTM (controle technique des montres) accompanied the watches, guaranteeing resistance to the high depths claimed.

1980s – 1990s

The 1980s and early 1990s were the years when Manta made a major name for itself in the market through a series of products that met the demands of the most demanding customer. The products are high performance and become a must have for professional divers. Gradually, however, the concept of using sports watches in everyday life becomes more and more popular: watches become more and more a style statement, and the Manta collection begins to appeal to more than just sportsmen.

Aesthetics evolves and takes over even the highest-performance models, helping to win over a wider audience that seeks a trendy watch as well as a reliable timepiece. The Manta collection explodes into a myriad of models, also very different from each other, yet united by a sporty allure, a determined character, excellent workmanship, and a strong value charge.

Manta establishes itself as a real phenomenon that expresses the voice of women who in that particular historical and social context claim the desire to be heard and to show their boldness and resourcefulness. The models in the Breil commercials wear the Manta watch on their wrists. For the first time a woman takes possession of a typically male object and wears it with ease and courage.

frame spot Manta - Breil Orologi e Gioielli
Il nuovo Manta P.R.O. Hybrid Automatic – Spot 2023


Manta becomes more and more a container of experimentation and research, both aesthetic and in materials. Variants made of a particular plastic that is highly resistant and at the same time extremely light are launched; the Manta City line is proposed, with an urban and contemporary spirit, which abandons the sporty aesthetic to approach gentler and more casual lines, suitable for everyday life. Manta Professional is reworked, sold with a steel bracelet and PU strap. Manta is confirmed as Breil’s most iconic watch collection, in high demand by the target audience, who recognize themselves in the product.

1920s of the second millennium

In 2019 first and then later in 2020 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the collection’s birth, Breil celebrates Manta writes a new chapter in its history, juxtaposing the collection’s distinctive design with contemporary technical choices such as solar movement. The Manta 1970 Solar collection is born, testifying to Breil’s move toward a more environmentally conscious attitude. No more battery changes for a watch that is a true icon of the brand and as such designated to be a spokesperson for this small revolution.

The shapes and design are strongly reminiscent of the aesthetic canons of the 1980s and 1990s, however they present greater awareness and care in design.
In 2023 the collection is revived and reworked and offered in new color tones.


Breil’s Manta P.R.O. collection comes from the past to reshape the future, combining the vintage heritage of the first model launched in 1970 with new and advanced aesthetic and precision solutions.
Professional, Resistant and Overpowering: three key concepts that describe the technical and performance characteristics typical of these watches. Robustness and quality materials support a distinctive design that has defined Manta’s signature for over 50 years.
Three models with Chrono movement and three models with Hybrid Automatic movement.

Manta P.R.O. in the chronograph version sings the praises of strength, performance and durability, all qualities guaranteed by the accurate finishing, choice of materials and precision detailing; each element is functional to make this watch the ultimate expression of Breil’s sportiness and style.

The new Manta P.R.O. Hybrid Automatic time-only watches are equipped with an Epson PX82A caliber that combines two technologies: a practical automatic caliber and precise quartz. The motion of the oscillating mass thus produces energy that charges a battery. The hybrid movement is capable of regulating the watch’s operation for up to 6 months when fully wound.
A prestigious movement that accompanies Breil as it moves closer to a greener conception of the product and a focus on sustainability that is becoming an increasingly incisive lever in consumer choice.

The Manta P.R.O. Hybrid Automatic collection also stars in Breil’s most recent communication campaign.
The characteristics of the iconic collection are synthesized and conveyed in the creativity of the commercial: specifically for the model with hybrid automatic movement, a sequence of frames associates the product’s own values and characteristics with striking images.

The voiceover reads “I am movement, energy and depth,” all concepts that describe both the watch and the male protagonist who wears it.
The words accompany the action in the different contexts, at the same time enhancing the technical features of the Manta watch, a perfect companion in urban and contemporary everyday life.

We talk about the movement with reference to the hybrid caliber, energy by bringing attention to the super luminescence of the indexes that light up the night, and depth during a dive that celebrates Manta’s features as a Diver resistant to water up to 200 mt. In the last scene, in fact, the protagonist dives into the water to resurface in the city, checks his watch and notices drops on the dial, and for a moment the question arises…did he really dive into the water or is it the effect of having a Breil Manta on his wrist?