How to clean a steel jewelry

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Proper cleaning keeps your jewelry looking new

Lightweight, contemporary and designer: steel bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces are very trendy today and come in many different designs. Like all other metal accessories that you wear, they should be kept with care, so as to keep them always like new. In this regard, here are some tips on how to clean a steel jewelry, in a few simple steps.

With damp cloth

In most cases, in order to clean your steel bijoux, it is sufficient to use a cloth, better if damp, and pass it gently on the surface of the jewel, paying particular attention to the points where it is characterized by the presence of pearls or crystals.
Already at the first wipe, the jewel in question will change its aspect, becoming immediately brighter, as if it were new.
In case a damp cloth is not enough, continue reading: in the paragraph below we will explain how to remove even the most persistent dirt.

With soap and water

How to clean a steel jewel with soap and water? Simple: get two basins full of hot water of a suitable size to contain it: in one of them add a few drops of neutral dish soap, then moisten the corner of a microfiber cloth and rub the jewel, following the texture of the metal.
If your jewel is very dirty, gently use a toothbrush with soft bristles, or a toothpick in the most difficult points to reach, avoiding rubbing the gems, if any.
Once this operation is over, rinse the jewel in the second bowl, removing any soap residue.
Then dry it carefully with a cloth and voila, you’re done.
To keep your steel jewelry clean and intact for longer, try to avoid contact with creams, perfumes, cosmetics and, when not wearing them, put them one by one in cloth bags.
In case you notice that they have scratches, we recommend that you contact competent people, such as a jeweler or the staff of the service center where you purchased them. Their advice will allow you to resolve the situation without making it worse.
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Will stainless steel be ruined by water?

Stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance and should not be ruined by water, including seawater. Stainless steel owes its corrosion resistance to a simple chemical reaction: the chromium in the steel (minimum 10.5 percent), which can form a protective layer on the surface of the metal that protects it from corrosion.

Does stainless steel turn black?

Stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion and should not turn black from water, household products, seawater, cosmetics, sweat, and other daily chemical aggressions. In addition, stainless steel is harder than silver and resists scratches. If steel jewelry turns black, it may be because of the formation of an oxide coating that can be removed to restore the jewelry to its original shine.

Does gold-colored steel get damaged?

For example, you can rub it with a soft cloth and a few drops of alcoholic vinegar or soak the jewelry for two hours in a bath of warm water and white vinegar. In addition, you can use a polishing cloth to prevent oxidation and make the metal shine. Baking soda can be helpful in fighting the oxidation that creates that dark patina that dulls your favorite item.

Now that you know all about how to clean a piece of steel jewelry, all you have to do is take a look at the many Breil designer steel jewelry for men and women!