From office to free time: the must-have necklaces with elegant clothes

Accessories represent little magics that transform your clothing into a unique and personal outfit. If the dress code sets limits to your desire to dare, overcome them with Breil jewelry dedicated to women who love freedom, independence and boldness, seasoned with a touch of sensuality that enhances their femininity at work and on more formal and demanding occasions.

Necklaces for elegant dresses: innocent temptations

Steel is an alloy that, worked according to traditional craftsmanship mixed with modern technology, takes on the texture of silk and enhances the luminous transparency of a ray of sunlight. The Breil brand was created to elevate this virtuous material to a symbol of contemporary and cosmopolitan sophistication.

The Promise, Sinuous and Join Up necklaces, with their apparent sobriety, give a twist to bon ton office attire, but are also perfect for completing the look of formal leisure time occasions, adding poetry, charm and class.

promise 1 - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Chic, romantic or sensual? Everything is possible with Breil

Serious environments such as the office require wardrobes stocked with suits, classic or mannish cut jackets, pants, skirts and appropriate footwear, never over the top. Do you feel that something is missing to awaken your sleepy, too conventional outfit, consisting of a longuette with turtleneck or pullover? Or is it the white passe-partout shirt that needs a little attention from you? The B Essential necklace with its fine geometric design gives sophistication and class to your office look.

b essential - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

For very charming women: steel feat. crystal

Business lunches and dinners, parties with friends and other special moments are to be lived in the name of glamour thanks to the appropriate clothing and accessories. An important evening dress, perhaps chosen in a bold but very trendy color, is further enhanced by a steel choker in the golden shade, which also enhances its modernity. Carefully crafted details and unusual design are the distinctive features of the Breil collections.

img - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Passion and rationality ready-to-wear

Elegant dress necklaces made of steel and crystals solve every woman’s style dilemmas: exquisite and pleasing on light and pink complexions, they are splendid on amber and dark skin. Their versatile and balanced essence is the center of gravity of an innovative fashion concept. Wear them and tell us about the emotions you felt looking at your reflection in the mirror and let us know if your outfit impressed those around you! We are curious to read your comments!