How to keep your jewelry in place and in perfect condition

Take care of your most precious accessories

Wearing a piece of jewelry is a source of good cheer, and its brilliant shine is often associated with the memory of a special moment. However, if you want to keep the splendor of your valuables intact you have to preserve them in the right way. In fact, rings, necklaces and bracelets are subject to deterioration and damage of various kinds, which you can avoid by adopting some small precautions. Here there are some tips on how to keep your jewelry safe from harm.

How to keep jewelry: use a soft scratch-resistant coating

The moment when you receive a jewel has the taste of magic: the opening of the fateful box is always accompanied by a great emotion.
But have you ever wondered why jewelers use just that kind of box?
Its soft interior is perfect for preserving a jewel from scratches and accidental bumps. That’s why, even when storing jewelry at home, you need to adopt the same care.
If you’ve thrown away the original box, you can use a soft cloth, like the kind you use to clean eyeglass lenses, and wrap a ring or pair of earrings in it. Or use a simple little bag, preferably velvet.
If you love jewelry boxes full of little drawers, choose one with fabric inner linings.

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Maintenance and cleaning of your valuables

Bracelets and necklaces can not only be scratched and dented, but also have problems with moisture.
Therefore, avoid to keep the jewelry box on a shelf in the bathroom, even if it is a very convenient solution to get ready before going out.
It would be a good idea to remove jewelry before washing your hands and, above all, before swimming in the pool or in the sea: chlorine and saltiness are harmful to jewelry. Pay attention also when you use creams or perfumes, because some elements contained in them may affect the surface of the product or make crystals less bright.
Also, to prevent oxidation phenomena, leave your jewelry in a closed and dry place.
To clean your rings, earrings and necklaces, you can use a soft cloth, preferably microfiber, or a little warm water with a few drops of mild soap. Never submerge the product completely in water and do not use abrasive or too aggressive products. If you can, always use cloth gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.

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How to keep jewelry and… choose new ones

In any case, storing necklaces and bracelets should remain a relaxing and fun ritual. Here are some ideas to keep them tidy and always at hand.
A series of hooks on the wall will allow you to hang your necklaces next to each other and to choose from time to time the one you prefer.
Even an old coat rack can serve this purpose, thanks to the practicality of its knobs: you will give new life to this accessory, making it a real design element.
You can also use unusual objects to store your jewelry. For example, common ice moulds are perfect to keep your rings safe and tidy. And, if you want to enrich your collection, discover all the news about Breil jewelry: always a brand that dictates style and creates new trends!