How to wear the jewelry

What a passion for jewelry! There are jewels for all tastes and for all budgets, in all shapes, colors and sizes, made of different materials. Perfect for every moment of the day and for every occasion. Jewelry is an indispensable accessory, which can not miss in the drawers and closets of women, as well as men.

But are we all able to wear them in the best possible way? Do we know how to match them, use them in an effective and enhancing way?

How to wear jewelry? Most importantly, is there a rule, a correct way to wear them?

A piece of jewelry says who you are, much more than a dress or a haircut. Wearing a piece of jewelry can turn a simple, mundane look into a veritable hyperbole that communicates who we are.

Breil gioielli wrap - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Jewelry for her

Let’s start with the consideration that jewelry, especially women’s jewelry, is really a lot and can satisfy all kinds of needs and desires.

It’s rare to see a woman leave the house without first wearing at least one piece of jewelry, be it a small golden headband on her lobe, or a flashy necklace made of colored crystals.

This is because wearing a piece of jewelry makes us feel somehow complete and in order.
The types of jewelry can be traced back to those that we all know: earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces first of all. But then there are also lesser known jewelry or less common use, such as anklets, foot rings or piercings.
Each of these types of jewelry has its own function and is worn in a very specific way.

What jewelry to wear during the day

There are no absolute rules about what types of jewelry to wear during the day, although it is generally agreed that these should not be too flashy or precious; which is then what happens with clothing. It is difficult to meet women who walk on jeweled sandals or show off dresses with train in broad daylight. The same thing goes for jewelry.

Wearing simple jewelry, with clean lines and not too showy is always the right choice. With small earbands, like the ones from Breil’s Join up collection, you’ll never go wrong. They are perfect with a casual sporty outfit, but also with a more minimal choice. And if you want, they can also be matched with something more elegant.

Earrings of this kind are discreet and illuminate without distracting attention from the face and look of the wearer. They perfectly fulfill their function, without stealing the scene.
If you want something more particular you can opt for a model of earrings that reproduces the piercing effect: not everyone wants to dare, but if you have a jewel that for one day makes me feel bold and transgressive, why not wear it?
The Wrap earrings simulate the presence of an ear piercing: they are unusual and definitely surprising.
The same collection also includes necklaces and bracelets, designed to be just as original. An important trend detected in the world of jewelry is that of multi-wear: many chains and necklaces – as well as many bracelets – are worn simultaneously, to create an effect of overlapping and multi-turn. But be careful! Do not overdo it, the kitsch effect is just around the corner. It is important to choose carefully the necklaces, which must be thin, not too elaborate and no frills.

Solo così pos

This is the only way that three, four, if not five can be worn at the same time. Breil’s Wrap necklace solves the problem at the origin, proposing a necklace composed of three different strands: three different jewels enclosed in a single product. Subtle and discreet, but wire after wire, lap after lap, the necklace takes shape and becomes the absolute protagonist of the look.
The same goes for the Wrap bracelet, built according to the same principle.

What jewelry to wear at night

Evening falls and everything changes. Clothes, accessories, make up, mood in general… and even jewelry. Dinner with your partner? After-dinner glam with the BFFs? Wild dancing with old friends? Different occasions, but same “attitude”, without any doubt: charm and elegance must be pursued by all means. So, green light to short skirts, high heels and accessories chosen with meticulous attention and care, to enhance to the maximum the cuts of the clothes, the colors of the fabrics, the shapes. And, of course, the facial features.

A pair of earrings with a design that is never trivial is enough to emphasize cheekbones and eyes. Drop earrings, with an elongated shape, frame the face without weighing it down for example. This is one of the most classic forms used in jewelry: elegant and refined, it can vary through details and finishes. The important thing is that the proportions are well calibrated and the lines well studied.

Breil’s Illusion collection revisits this very concept in a modern key: the elongated drop becomes even more refined thanks to a small cascade of shiny crystals that illuminate the jewel.

Very important are also oversize shapes, but with a light structure. For example Wish earrings have a design that lends itself well to enhance any look, from the simplest to the most constructed. This is because its forms are liquid and thin, but at the same time the volumes are oversized. Choosing jewelry of this kind solves every situation. An elaborate dress full of details can be completed by an accessory that blends well into the whole, without further burdening the already rich style; vice versa, a more easy-to-wear choice can benefit from the combination of a large accessory, which stands out and makes even the most basic outfit stand out.

Jewelry for him

Men’s jewelry has always existed, but never as in recent years have they become indispensable and unavoidable to complete any look and, above all, to emphasize the characteristics and express the personality of the wearer.

As with women’s jewelry, there are different trends and styles for men’s jewelry, making the proposals the most varied in terms of materials, colors and sizes.
Even men now have the opportunity to choose from many different models, doing so with a skill and aesthetic sense that would make the most fashion addicted envious.
But how do men wear jewelry? How do they prefer to wear rings, bracelets or necklaces? Do they like to combine different styles, playing with many single pieces? Or do they prefer to stay within the boundaries of the most extreme minimalism? Again, there is no rule on how men’s jewelry should be worn. Every man is different and expresses his personality as he considers most effective: so give free rein to your imagination.

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There are bracelets of small size, thin, discreet, that are worn and forgotten on the wrist for days, weeks, months even … so comfortable! These become an integral part of your way of being and are not replaced except in exceptional cases.

Breil’s B Fence bracelets are a perfect example in this sense: characterized by tiny steel and shungite spheres, they are light and measured. But, if combined with each other in a clever game of overlapping, they acquire a real extra gear.
For those who want to wear a bracelet in perfect trend and that testifies a disruptive personality, a steel bracelet with big and voluminous links is indispensable.
Double bracelets are exactly thought to satisfy the desire of appearing: worn in couple, maybe matched to a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, they will show instantly who is hiding behind that intense look.
Wearing men’s jewelry does not mean wearing only bracelets, although this kind of product is the most appreciated and loved by men. Necklaces and pendants peep out of shirts and polo shirts, while bulky rings with clean lines are the favorites of the stronger sex.
Often, jewelry is chosen not only for its aesthetics, but also for its construction characteristics or for its materials: the use of stones is increasingly widespread in jewelry, including men’s jewelry. For example, hematite is very popular: a hard stone with special properties, it is visually very similar to steel, but is revealed in all its brightness thanks to the polished surfaces and facets that characterize it. Kripton necklaces appear in all their elegance and refinement.