The must-have bracelets of the season to give or treat yourself!

Among the types of women’s jewelry that we can choose to complete our look, the bracelet is definitely the most versatile and the easiest to match. This also leads it to be a popular option for a gift occasion.

Gifting a bracelet is always a great solution.

Their often small size allows them to be an excellent ally for completing all kinds of looks with discretion. Conversely, if you want to be daring, it is easy to find them even in large sizes, designed and built with the precise intention of dressing up the wrist and not going unnoticed at all.

What guides the choice of a women’s bracelet? How to opt for the best one to give as a gift? Or how to navigate through multiple proposals to choose the perfect one for different needs?


Choosing a women’s bracelet does not follow well-defined, universal rules: what guides first and foremost is obviously personal taste. Then take over a whole series of elements that make one choose for one type of bracelet over another: style, materials, cost, color…

The same person may safely decide to wear a steel bracelet with a minimal design one day and a flashier bracelet, perhaps in gold, another.

If you don’t necessarily want precious bracelets, it’s easy to make lots of different jewelry all coexisting in the same drawer, each with its own distinct style and even contrasting characteristics.

Stainless steel bracelets that remain perfect with the passage of time, bracelets with geometric or softer shapes, rigid bracelets or with charms, colored or with leather combinations. There is something for everyone.

Breil offers a wide selection of women’s bracelets.

The ones that are most transversal and easy to wear and match are the lighter and thinner ones that can also be worn side by side. The Kaleido collection offers exactly that. There are many bracelets on offer, each with its own characteristics and colors. The thin gold-plated steel chain is juxtaposed with natural stones of different types. Kaleido women’s bracelets are designed to dress the wrist in a fresh to fun, decidedly trendy way.

Then there are much more structured and flashy bracelets, which alone make any look unique. These are often bracelets with recognizable and iconic designs, such as those in the Tetra collection, which are original and versatile. The semi-rigid flex steel construction allows for easy and immediate wearing and a wow effect.

Women’s bracelets often draw inspiration from models that have dictated style in the past and are now revisited and made current, without, however, losing their original charm. Such is the case with the Sinuous bracelet, whose soft, sinuous mesh evokes vintage atmospheres of the 1970s, still extremely relevant today.

Breil’s proposals also included more linear and minimal bracelets, made of steel but enriched with a natural diamond that make them precious. These are the women’s bracelets from the B Essential collection. As the name suggests, these bracelets are thin and light, elegantly discreet, to be worn and never taken off again.

Finally, to meet every taste, chain and charm bracelets are one of Breil’s most popular proposals: thin or thicker chains, simple or more elaborate constructions. The Promise collection features a charm in the shape of a padlock, which seals every promise. While the bracelet from the Private Code collection can be personalized through an engraving and become a small private message for a loved one.

A trick to make a splendid impression by gifting a women’s bracelet to the super-demanding friend? Choosing a Magnetica System bracelet will make your gift extremely original: no more problems with clasps that you can’t grasp or use; no more calls for help on the doorstep, ready to go out! In fact, Magnetica System bracelets have a magnetic clasp that is extremely easy to use.