Drop earrings and lobe earrings: which ones and when to wear them?

Drop earrings for girl, between past and present

What are the most loved jewels by women (after rings)? Without a doubt the earrings. Embellishing the ear with sparkling jewelry is a feminine custom that is lost in antiquity, when jewelry was, in addition to beauty accessories, real status symbols. Depending on their type, today jewelry is able to adapt to any budget, making a difference on any outfit.
This is also true for earrings that are distinguished first of all in lobe earrings and dangling earrings. The latter, unlike the former, have pendants suspended from a frame attached to the ear through various types of closures.

When to wear dangle earrings?

Drop earrings are the most glamorous designs. Whether it’s a minimal chic or statement design, you usually pair them with high hairstyles, such as chignons and half buns, perfect for letting the jewelry light up your face. Associated with big occasions, such as elegant dinners, parties and ceremonies, you can also flaunt them for a simple night out with friends, combining them with the right outfit.
When you opt for pendants, do not overdo the rest of the accessories: a thin necklace and a fine bracelet are perfect to leave the right space for the pendants protagonists of your outfit. This rule applies especially to cascading pendants, such as those from the Skyfall line. Long earrings with curvilinear shapes, like the sparkling models of the Mezzanotte collection or the more minimal Hypnosis, are ideal with a velvet or leather chocker, like the one with central boule signed Breil Stones. The result is an allure poised between rock and urban chic.

IMG 4900 - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

Lobe earrings and outfit matching

BZ7A1214 Modifica - Breil Orologi e Gioielli

More easy and versatile are the lobe earrings, like the timeless headbands. Studded with rhinestones or without applications, these earrings are especially suitable for fresh, spring and summer looks. They suit both short cuts and voluminous hair styles. Lobe earrings come in the most varied and original shapes, from classic flowers, hearts and stars to modern lightning bolt and bar designs, passing through geometric cuts and angular compositions. In this regard, the Bangs collection allows you a double wear: super minimal with a bar lobe, alone or combined with the pendant, in silver steel version or with IP rose treatment.
Now it’s your turn: do you wear pendant earrings or lobe earrings more? Also, what outfit do you wear with these accessories and in which occasions? Tell us about your experience!