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Chapter 1: “Crossroads”

Off the beaten track, out of conventional currents of thought: “Untouchable Spirit” is the story of the new spring collection inspired by free and curious souls, true to themselves and at the same time intimately connected to the contemporary world.  The celebration of an authentic and personal lifestyle, which follows its own rules and looks to the future with the strength of those who believe in themselves.

The protagonists of the first chapter “Crossroads” are two young guys who move in the urban space, each following their own path. Their paths cross several times, their gazes seem to touch, in a progressive approach with a suspended ending. We do not know what the final stage of their “going” will be, but we do know that what counts is “crossing”, passing from one point to another in life with curiosity and trust, letting oneself be surprised by an unexpected encounter. Because around every corner hides a new opportunity.

Discover the collection of jewelry and watches worn by the protagonists in their daily “crossings”.